Rosetta Stone Courses

Greenways Academy of Alaska offers the Rosetta Stone academic versions of the following languages. 

– Arabic
– Chinese (Mandarin)
– Dutch
– English (American)
– English (British)
– Filipino (Tagalog)
– French
– German
– Greek
– Hebrew
– Hindi
– Irish
– Italian
– Japanese
– Korean
– Latin
– Persian (Farsi)
– Polish
– Portuguese (Brazil)
– Russian
– Spanish (Latin America)
– Spanish (Spain)
– Swedish
– Turkish
– Vietnamese

Rosetta Stone Inc. is changing the way the world learns languages and Greenways Academy of Alaska has partnered with Rosetta Stone to offer the academic version of these excellent language courses to our students. Rosetta Stone provides interactive solutions that are acclaimed for the speed and power to unlock the natural language-learning ability in everyone. Available in more than 30 languages, Rosetta Stone is based on the core beliefs that learning a language should be natural and instinctive and that interactive technology can replicate and activate the immersion method powerfully for learners of any age.

A solid foundation for fluency

Rosetta Stone provides up to five levels of instruction in select languages, beginning with a foundation of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. With Rosetta Stone, your children will do more than learn about a language. They’ll learn to use it.

All levels include:

proprietary speech-recognition technology

real-life simulated conversations

predefined curriculum paths

We offer the entire Rosetta Stone suite of languages to our students. The levels that are available in each language are indicated by the course name.

Rosetta Stone® uses rich visual imagery to help students learn and think in a new language. The association of language and images is an integral part of their dynamic immersion method, ensuring a direct connection between words and their meanings.

Rosetta Stone systemically builds nouns and verbs into complete sentences and dialogue. And in keeping with national and state standards, the program helps students build everyday proficiency in each of the four key language skills:

·         Listening comprehension

·         Speaking

·         Reading

·         Writing

Our method works because it’s:
·         Intuitive

·         interactive

·         visually engaging

·         Self-paced

Level 1:

This level will help you:

·      Build vocabulary and language basics; Spell and write accurately; Speak  without a script; Retain what you’ve learned; Read and understand

Sample topics include:

·      Age, family relations, household items; Introductions and greetings; Times of day and calendar terms; Buying and selling

Level 2:

This level will help you:

·      Learn intermediate-level  conversational skills; Spell and write accurately and without a script; Retain what you’ve learned;

Sample topics include:

·      Destinations, directions, locations, telling time; Past and future tenses; Celebrations, meal courses; Emotions; Letter writing and polite requests.

Level 3: 

This level will help you:

·      Engage in advanced-level conversations; Learn to share your ideas and opinions, express your feelings and talk about everyday life; Move toward fluency in

Sample topics include:

·      Emotions and life milestones; Opinion and judgments; Currency exchange and transactions; Political, media, business, and religious terms

Level 4: 

This level will help you:

·      Further develop vocabulary and language abilities; Practice conversations in your language; Retain what you learn as you move forward and advance; Convey complex thoughts and ideas in your new language

Sample topics include:

·      Scheduling and rescheduling appointments; Navigating the workplace; Arranging home repairs; Preparing to move abroad

Level 5:

This level will help you:

·      Develop your command of; Retain what you learn as you move forward and advance; Conduct advanced conversations; Negotiate complex situations with confidence and accuracy

Sample topics include:

·      Government and citizenship; Industry and commerce; Describing and solving problems; Dealing with emergency situations.