I’m Patti Greenberg, and I started this school 20 years ago, here in St Louis, to give students who I knew were not learning well in traditional classroom environments another option.

The mission of Greenways Academy is to motivate, educate, and graduate every student.

We see students who were once struggling in their school experience, succeed and enjoy learning. We believe that all students can develop a love for learning, a desire for knowledge, and the ability to strive for and reach goals. Our individualized approach, fun atmosphere, supportive community, online access and flexible scheduling make that possible. We have a 100% graduation rate and have seen 99% of our students go to college.

I invite you to check out Greenways. This video answers some frequently asked questions about Greenways and how it works. View Video Here

Patti Greenberg
Founder and Director of
Greenways Academy St Louis