Every Learning Style Honored 

Greenways Academy is a fully accredited, private online academy for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We offer an alternative solution for those children who struggle with the traditional classroom.  Our programs cater to all student learning styles. Students who attend Greenways Academy can benefit from our online program through our  different learning platforms and our flexible schedules. 

Through our level-based, rigorous content we help the student achieve mastery in the course. Our focus on mastering the material makes Greenways Academy and exceptional learning environment online for elementary, middle and high school students.  

Our Mission and Belief’s at Greenways Academy  

In 1995, Patti Greenberg began Greenways Academy, an alternative solution for those children who struggled with the traditional classroom. Since then, Greenways Academy has grown to over 1200 students worldwide. As a fully accredited learning academy, we invest in providing an education that motivates a student to grow and achieve academic mastery. To achieve this mastery, our staff and teachers work hard to educate the children through the mission and belief of Greenways Academy- the result is that all students graduate. 



Our Mission

Motivate, Education and Graduate all students who come to Greenways Academy.  

Greenways Academy sees students who were once struggling in their school experience, succeed and enjoy learning. 

Greenways Academy believes that all students can develop a love for learning, a desire for knowledge, and the ability to strive for and reach goals.  As a fully accredited academy, Greenways Academy provides an individualized approach, fun atmosphere, supportive community, online access, and flexible scheduling which makes learning inviting and exciting.  

Greenways has a 100% graduation rate and have seen 99% of our students go to college. 


Learn More About Greenways Academy

Greenways Academy wants every parent and student to consider online education for upper, middle, and elementary courses after gaining an in-depth knowledge of our Academy. When considering an online education, it is important to understand the key factors that set us apart from other learning institutions. After reviewing this information, you should have a more well-rounded comprehension of our virtual school and what we offer.


As an accredited online school, we meet the highest standards of academic excellence. We fulfill all the steps of accreditation, including self-study, goal setting, and evaluation, to ensure that schools and universities worldwide reciprocate our students’ courses, credits, and grade-level placements. It also validates that our teachers and curriculum meet state and U.S. standards. All teachers are fully certified. 

Why Greenways Academy?

Our accreditation is one reason to consider Greenways Academy for your child’s education. Our program prepares students for college, and university acceptance, and real-life. Our self-paced curriculum allows the flexibility for the student who is actively involved in home life, outside sports, theater dance, and more. The ability to maintain a flexible schedule allows students to study at their own pace based on their skills and knowledge. 

Why Online School?

Attending an online school allows students to personalize their educational experience by selecting a pathway that reflects their interests. Students also have opportunities to engage with their instructors and peers, keeping them interested in the coursework—which improves engagement, understanding, and performance. With flexible learning at an accredited online school, they learn on their schedule. Students can complete the curriculum at their speed all while being able to live life to the fullest. Family is important at Greenways Academy and we provide this online learning flexibility to get the best out of education and life. 

Leadership Team

The leadership at Greenways Academy guides our academic programs and curriculum with a sharp focus on the learning experience for students. We build upon a solid academic foundation of quality curriculum academic counseling, support from teachers, special programs, and other opportunities to provide an outstanding education and rich experience for students.


Our blog showcases the accomplishments of current and past students, as well as highlights programs and stories that students and parents find valuable. We keep our blog up to date with useful information that benefits current families, as well as those who have not yet enrolled.

Who We Serve

Greenways Academy is an online accredited alternative school for those kids who aren't interested in the traditional school setting. Our body of active and previous students includes athletes, college-bound students, performers, accelerated learners, international students, and gifted students. Those with talent in the performing arts, sports, and academics enjoy the flexible schedule and challenging curriculum that adapts to their learning style. Students may complete their coursework remotely, while our teaching staff provides regular support and discussion with every student to ensure they achieve their highest potential. Our real-world approach to online learning allows all our amazing learners to build a real-life while maintaining the academic integrity and pursuit of excellence. 

Academic Growth with an Adaptable Schedule

Our school is primarily designed as an alternative program to the traditional school program. Those who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally, while maintaining a flexible schedule are invited to be part of our family! With our personalized approach is competency-based and asynchronous learning, students can move faster or slower through the material, depending on their individual skills and knowledge. This approach allows students the ability to adapt their schedules to accommodate their own interests, such as music, dance, visual arts, or athletics.


Nearly Three Decades of Online Education

In 2020, we marked the 25th anniversary of Greenways Academy that was founded by Patti Greenberg. Since its inception, Greenways Academy has dedicated it's self as an alternative approach for those students who were not fitting well in the Traditional style school program. The approach to curriculum and self-paced learning, Greenways focuses on the life interests and academic integrity of ALL students who deserve the opportunity to learn and learn well.


Commitment to Non-Discrimination at Our Online School

Greenways Academy does not discriminate in employment or the provision of educational services on the based on race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability, citizenship status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. 



Educate. Motivate. Graduate!