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Student-Centered Learning

Our team of education professionals is ready to help you plan your child's online education path. Our office is open Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM Central Time. Please call our office at 314-432-7534 to speak to our Director of Admissions or submit an Inquiry Form  today and discover how convenient an online private education can be. 

Greenways Academy provides the best educational experience. We do this by finding the best curriculum path that accommodates your child's learning style. We match the curriculum to the child and not the child to the curriculum. We take each child's unique situation, learn more about the family and tailor their academic plan to everyone's needs. 

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Learning Assessments

]Greenways Academy uses a learning profile which measures the students approach to learning and identifies opportunities for growth. Greenways evaluates the students learning styles against the VARK system. All learners have a unique learning styles that includes, Visual, Aural, Reader-Writer and Kinesthetic. Our goal is to incorporate all learning modalities into the academic planning. Knowing the child's learning style is even more important in a distance learning environment.  This helps to inform choice of curriculum, mode of curriculum delivery, and provides valuable information to our teachers and staff regarding instructional preferences. Understanding individual learning styles allows us to take a holistic approach, based on each child’s unique pace of development and strengths. We are Greenways Academy and we believe in tailoring your educational needs to FIT you and your lifestyle. 

Academic Planning

Academic Planning is a vital part of the Greenways Academy educational process and allows us to understand your child's unique educational needs. Our academic planning includes a comprehensive orientation with parents and students for our full-time program. This helps families to become familiar with the online learning environment. We also provide a placement assessment to understand the child's level of learning, mastery skills and learning styles. 

Academic planning is provided in these steps. 

1. Parent/Student Interview

2. Student Assessment/Transcript Evaluation

3. Enrollment and Academic Plan Presentation. 

Academic Planning does not stop here. We have a continuous academic planning process that allows us to maintain a smooth path to academic success. 


Educate. Motivate. Graduate!

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