is the Greenways Academy
St. Louis Alternative School 

We are a private, accredited, alternative

Secondary School that offers:

  • AdvancEd, WASC and NCAA

  • 1:1 Teacher to Student Ratio.

    • Teacher works with student throughout their scheduled class time, introducing material, evaluating student progress and assisting the student when needed.

  • High School (full-time, part-time and single classes)

  • Middle School (full-time, part-time and single classes)

  • Summer School (on a flexible schedule so you don’t lose vacation or camp)

  • Credit Recovery (add a class, recover a class, or retake to help your GPA)

  • Partnerships with Homeschool Parents (Take advantage of our classes and accreditation!)

  • Diplomas from our nationally-recognized and accredited High School.

We work with students who struggle in traditional schools due to:

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Medical, Psychological & Addiction Diagnoses

  • Bullying & Toxic Social Environments

  • Training and Travel for Athletic, Artistic and Special Interests.

  • Unique Learning styles, Giftedness, Being Twice Exceptional & Many other scheduling and educational challenges.

A typical day as a Greenways  Student


A student come to Greenways Academy for 2-3 hours a day to work on their Math, Science, English and Social Studies.  They do this in a one-to-one environment with a certified teacher.   You would be amazed at how much curriculum can be covered in a personalized learning environment.

Usually, tutoring blocks are 8-10a.m., 10-1p.m.,
1-3p.m. or some variation. You can pick a time that suits your sleep schedule and prime learning time.


After school, students work on their elective credits.  These are very flexible. A student may choose to get a job (work study) or volunteer at a place that they feel passionate (service hours).  The student may be an athlete and need those hours to train their sport. A student may want to explore dance, theater, or get an internship at a place of interest.  We can transcript those hours as 90 clock hours= ½ credit.  We can help families navigate this process if needed.

Students can come to CLS for a quarter, a semester, a year, or even finish their high school diploma.


Q: How does Greenways Academy (CLS) adjust their courses for each student’s needs?
A: With one-on-one teaching, Greenways Academy teachers are able to accommodate each student’s unique learning style. In addition, courses can be modified to accommodate disabilities, including the use of an IEP or 504 Plan.

Q: Can my student take courses at Greenways Academy and another high school at the same time?
A: Yes. As an accredited high school, Greenways Academy credits can be transferred to other high schools. We offer full-time, part-time, or course-by-course enrollment. Credits to be used toward graduation at another high school should be reviewed and approved by that school prior to enrollment.

Q: Is a Greenways Academy’s diploma the same as other high schools?
A: Yes, a Greenways Academy diploma is accredited and recognized by colleges and Universities worldwide.

Q: Is a Greenways Academy’s diploma different than a G.E.D?
A: Yes. A GED is a series of exams administered to certify high school level academic skills. Since Greenways Academy is a school, each of our graduation requirements must be met before a diploma is issued. 

Q: When can I start?
A: Greenways Academy has a rolling admissions process; therefore students may enroll any time.

Q: How do I enroll at Greenways Academy?
A: E-mail us at or call us at 314-432-7534. We will schedule an interview to determine together if Greenways Academy is a good fit for your education.

Q: What if I want to start at Greenways soon?
A: Our Director, Patti Greenberg, personally oversees the enrollment process of each student, matching them with a tutor who fits with the students needs and personality, and collaborating with the student and parents in selecting courses from our curriculum that meet our graduation requirements and reflect the students interests and needs. We can usually get a student transitioned to Greenways Academy in 1-2 weeks.

Q: How many hours of tutoring does a full-time student usually need?
A: Generally, our full time students are working with tutors between 8-15 hours/week. Each student is different, and so the amount of tutoring needed to complete schoolwork varies. Adjustments can be made at any time.

Q: How do I pay for Greenways?
A: Parents will receive a monthly bill of your student’s curriculum purchases (beginning of semester) and tutoring charges. We accept many forms of payment including checks, Visa and Mastercard.

FAQs- Enrollment and Tuition


P: (314) 432-7534

F: (314) 228-0245

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