Credit Transfer System

When a student transfers into Greenways Academy mid-year, our standard procedure is to have the student take a pretest in each core subject.  (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)  These pretests do not impact the student GPA.  We use this methodology to determine which lessons, or topics in each subject, the student has already mastered.  Students scoring higher than 70% in the pretest will be able to skip that lesson, or lessons in the class.  Our learning platform will skip those lessons which show that the student has mastered.   

The pretest allows us to customize our program to the student’s knowledge at the time they enroll in Greenways.  This significantly shortens the time those mid-year transfer students are required to work in a class.

Upon completion of the class, or classes, if the student wants to transfer to another school, we will issue a transcript to the transferring school.  Our accreditations will enable the student to continue their education elsewhere without interruption.