Check out some of the most commonly asked questions from students and parents.

Where do I go to access my course?


How do I know what my username and password are?

  • When you are enrolled in a course, your username and password will be sent to the email that was used during the enrollment process (please allow 4 days).


Where do I find my class?

  • You will find your class in your LMS, which stands for Learning Management System - which houses your course online.

What device can I use to access my course?

  • Because the courses are responsively designed, you can access the platform (and your course) on almost any device: tablet, laptop, desktop, Chromebooks, and some smartphones.

  • Please view our Technical Specifications for more information.


What web browser do I need to use?

  • Courses run on the most common web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

  • Please view our Technical Specifications for more information.


What are the dates and times for the Career Camp session?

  • You will have access to your courses from June 15th - Aug 2nd.

  • Live classes will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays June 20th - July 30th

    • Morning session 11am - 1pm EST, 8am - 10am PST

    • Afternoon session 4pm - 6pm EST, 1pm - 3pm PST


Do I need to complete coursework at a specific time of day?

  • We encourage students to take part in the live classes, which are offered 3 days each week. When students aren’t meeting with their instructor, they can work at any time to complete their assignments.

  • It is highly recommended that students actively participate in class during the six week period to receive a passing grade and have the best possible experience.


Are there other opportunities throughout the school year to take a condensed program (in a shorter period of time)?

  • Our Career Camp program is only offered during the summer.

  • All other courses can be taken asynchronously at any time throughout the year.


Can my child take more than one class over the summer?

  • Yes, your child may enroll in other courses from Greenways Academy but they will not include set days or hours for participation. Students can complete those courses at their own pace.

  • Your child may only sign up for one course from the Career Camp schedule, which will be completed in a 6 week period.

Will I be able to communicate and connect with other students taking the same courses?

  • Yes! Teachers and students communicate via email and during live sessions.


What do I do if my child needs additional support?

  • There is a built-in Literacy Support Toolbar that provides many features that students can access inside the course including: text-to-speech, language translations, dictionary (text and image), highlighters, and a screen masking feature.

  • Students are also able to access our Study Hall, where they can connect virtually with a teacher to answer immediate questions.  

How do I receive technical support if I run into issues?

  • Please use this form to submit a ticket to our Help Desk


When will assignments and final grades be available?

  • Assignments are available throughout the course once you begin.

  • All grades will be available by August 6th.


How do I transfer the credits I earn to another school?

  • Please complete our Request Transcript Form

  • Please note that not all school districts accept transcripts from other schools. You may want to contact your school and reference the course title to make sure they will accept the ½ credit for your child. For additional questions please contact 314-432-7534 ext. 3


Is there a code of conduct for students or guidelines for when students are on-camera? 

  • Students may turn their camera on or off during classes.

  • We recommend keeping the microphone off unless speaking.


Is my enrollment information kept confidential?

  • We take student privacy very seriously. Here are the FERPA policies we follow.


How does Greenways Academy adjust their courses for each student's needs?

  • Greenways Academy teachers are able to accommodate each student's unique learning style. Courses can be modified as required for students with an IEP or 504 Plan.


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