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Nationally accredited, personalized education
tailored to the needs of each student and their families,
with full access to top-notch educational resources.

Greenways Online Academy

Free for ALL Washington students. Personalized instruction to meet your child’s unique needs with flexible scheduling.


Greenways Academy is a school for students who need flexible learning options. We provide a strong alternative that supports your student on their time and in their way.

West Valley Virtual Academy is a fully accredited, NCAA approved alternative education program that is free for WA Homeschool, Private School, and West Valley District Students.

We offer core subjects, foreign languages, fine arts, computer science, career planning, and other electives. You have the assurance that you are enrolled in a program that has earned international and national accreditation. WVVA credits are accepted at colleges and universities.


  • Modified/ personalized/ tailored courses to align with accommodations for learning.
  • Personalized learning at their own pace.
  • Flexible learning – online/direct teaching with certified, supported teachers.
  • State Certified Teachers

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Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction
We have designed classes to meet the differentiated needs of students to facilitate success. Students in need of interventions are often given the same Home Room teacher in all core areas to allow us to monitor the student in all areas and provide feedback, encouragement and support multiple times a week.

Academic Success

Academic Success
Our Intervention Team monitors information related to attendance / communication, progress, and academic success. Parent contact, phone calls, meetings with the staff, etc. are all strategies utilized to prompt students to get on-track and remain successful.

Parent & Principal Connection

Parent & Principal Connection
Aside from the requirements of student communication, we believe parents need a place to go to build community and create relationships. We allow families that space to nurture their curiosity of their fellow families as well as learn new skills to enhance online learning.

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