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Online AP Government and Politics Classes

  Get a Step Up on the Competition with Online AP Government and Politics Classes

Does your high school-aged student excel in all their history and geography classes, but are ready for more intensive lessons? Prepare them to succeed in their college career and beyond when you sign up for online AP government and politics classes at Greenways Academy. When accepted into college, they will be able to transfer credits and fast track their path toward their first degree. These classes are conducted in one-on-one virtual classrooms or online tutorials with a limited number of students sharing screen time.

Round Out Your Qualifications with Online Geography Classes

Maybe it seems like your child is missing some crucial parts of their education in their traditional public school. Sign them up for online geography classes with us so they can build a better understanding of how our world operates in modern times. Whether they show an interest in politics or history, solid geography knowledge gives them the tools to better navigate through life. Paired with foreign language courses, this becomes a valuable tool in the corporate world of their future.

Online US History Classes Complete Your Education

Are you disappointed in a lack of focus on American history for your child? When you want them to grow up with a well-rounded understanding of our history in regards to early settlements, civil unrest, our political process, and the industrial revolution, we can help fill in the gaps. Our teachers are always communicating with your student, so they are allowed the proper amount of time to completely understand the topic being studied before moving on.

Focusing on Areas of Interest or Filling Out a Weak Curriculum

Many times, parents think that online schools are designed for children that struggle to keep up in a standard classroom. The fact is that we are focused on helping every student excel in all areas. With our personalized approach, we can slow down when a segment poses added challenges, or speed up for the child that absorbs new information at a high rate. You also have the flexibility to add classes in language, art, music, and other areas that are often being removed from public school curriculum.

Make sure that your child receives every possible opportunity when you enroll them in AP history, politics, math, and geography online classes at Greenways Academy. They will complete their K through 12 education filled with as much education as they can absorb and apply, while being fully prepared for their life at college. Click or call to enroll your student for the summer session or entire school year.


Educate. Motivate. Graduate!

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