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  See Your Student Succeed with Online Classes

Whether you are searching for an alternative to public school or need access to extra courses for your struggling student, Greenways Academy offers one-on-one curriculum at every grade level from kindergarten through college. Since we first started accepting students at the turn of the century, our catalog for online classes has continued to expand and now features many options for continuing education through your adult years.

Our Virtual Online Classrooms Provide Personalized Lesson Plans

We first established Greenways Academy to help students that struggled to thrive in a conventional class setting. Our online classrooms ensure that your child receives personalized attention and their lesson plan can be adjusted to speed up or slow down as needed. Do they need more exposure to the sciences or show an exceptional interest in history? Our teachers are able to feed their curiosity while focusing on measurable results. For younger children that struggle to focus in a classroom filled with other active students, the chance to study with a dedicated teacher can help them learn to succeed now and all through their lives.

Your Child Keeps Learning All Summer with Online Math Classes

Is math always a struggle for your school-aged child? Ensure that they retain more of their school year lessons with online math classes during the summer months. Your child can be introduced to new concepts that are planned for the fall semester or review areas that they have not mastered yet. Our catalog includes a variety of AP accredited courses, so you can help your child better prepare for their college years. Are they showing interest in economics? Expand their horizons with classes in statistics and financial responsibility.

Accredited and Approved for College Applicants

We have carefully created a wide variety of classes that meet stringent requirements set out by WASC and the UC A-G program. When your child completes their college applications, all of our high school programs will meet or surpass standards set out by the admissions board. Are they hoping to enter pre-med or pre-law? Give them the opportunity to excel with college prep classes in history, law, and criminal justice.

Greenways Academy operates during the normal school year and with a summer session, so your child will be attending classes on the same schedule as their friends. Click or call for more information about enrollment and tuition reimbursement or credits in your state.


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