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Online School for Adults

  Continue to Learn with Our Online School for Adults

Are you ready to add a CompTIA certification to your skill set at work? Cross this project off your list at Greenways Academy, an online learning institute prepared to keep you growing and exploring. Not only do we serve as an online school for kids, we are also an excellent online school for adults. Each online course meets industry standards and is conducted by your own professor. This active learning environment encourages you to ask questions in areas that require clarification and can speed forward when you master new knowledge quickly.

Expand Your Knowledge and Stay Current with Workplace Technology

Even if your job is not in the IT industry, as computers become more ingrained in daily life, a CompTIA A+ online class can help you keep your equipment up and running without constantly calling Tech Support. Learn how networks function, the hardware involved, and the latest level of technology available. Become familiar with the basic language spoken by tech experts and work your way through minor problems and glitches with ease.

CompTIA A+ Online Classes that Fit into Your Schedule

If your job is requiring you to add a CompTIA A+ certification, you can get it done at your speed and on your schedule. Our flexible class times pair you up with a teacher available in your specified time slot. After just a few weeks of evening classes, you can take our certification test and add it to your permanent work and education portfolio.

Scroll through our complete catalog for our online school for adults and sign up for CompTIA A+ online classes today. It will take less time than you think and put you on the fast track toward success.


Educate. Motivate. Graduate!

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