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Online School for Kids

  Convenient and Effective Online School for Kids

There are many different reasons to have your child attend an online school for kids. At Greenways Academy, we offer a complete curriculum able to serve your home school needs or in addition to their daily classes in a public institution. Some children thrive in the traditional large classrooms, others need the focused attention of their own tutor in order to focus on their lessons. Yet other students require a more flexible approach that is able to adjust with their curious minds. We can help you find the right mix for your child.

Online Spelling Classes Close the Gap

Your child may be using keyboards to create many of their assignments, even from a young age. However, they still will need good spelling skills in order to benefit from tools like spell checker. Our online spelling classes require just a few extra hours each week and can allow your child to improve their communication skills. These classes are very popular with students from the age of 7 all the way up to high school graduation.

A Complete Lesson Plan for K through 12

Of course, your child needs to meet the standards in all other areas of study, too. We accept students as young as kindergarten, and never stop teaching even past high school graduation. They will receive classes in all the basics including reading, math, literature, language, science. and creative arts. Our catalog includes a wealth of elective subjects, so they can be continually exposed to new ideas and concepts.

Enroll your student today at Greenways Academy! Click on our catalog for a complete list of available online classes and learn more about our accreditation. If your child needs a more personal approach than an online school for kids, we also offer in-person tutoring at our physical campuses.


Educate. Motivate. Graduate!

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