• Kimberly Tyskiewicz ED.D.

Emotional Wellness, Mindfulness, and Personal Relationships

How do we add these topics to the online learning experience- We actually have

new courses that help start some conversations? Our Social Emotional courses

bring forth a way for our counselors/teachers to engage students in a more

therapeutic way.

We can ask the questions? Are you being bullied? Are you depressed? Do you have

friends? Do you know how to make a friend? or be a friend?

We can address ways to- calm your racing mind, slow down you breathe and gain

peace, and have hope for future. Using gratitude lists, meditation practice, and education about mental health can start our broken students to heal.

At Greenways Academy we feel empowered to reach all fringe kids- I was a fringe kid- I didn’t like the lunchroom, PE class, or Prom- I liked school because I liked learning. I wish

my generation could have had an opportunity that today’s technology provides.

Here are some tools these courses teach:

Manage their emotions and balance them with a meaningful and

vibrant social life.

Be better able to identify, cope with, and overcome adversity and


Understand the consequences of substance use and abuse.

Empathize with others and create supportive, long-lasting


Reflect on circumstances and available solutions.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life.

Build a framework for citizenship, embrace the value of diversity, and

appropriately use their voices to fight injustices.

Navigate their paths for life after high school with informed decision-

making and high capacities to succeed.

And much more...

Let’s start the conversation ....

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