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Fear of the Unknown

Author: Patti Greenberg-Gold B.S., M.A., M.ED. - CEO and Founder of Greenways Academy

I have heard of two acronyms for fear-

1. Face Everything And Rise


2. Fart Everything And Run-

For me, my first reaction is to run away...Bury my head in the sand and pretend it’s not looming. I feel better for the moment – Usually what I do so is get busy and forget.

By "busy" I mean working hard, binge watching TV, eating more, shopping more… Things to try and avoid my discomfort. The truth is, whether I like it or not, I have to face everything and rise. I need to recognize what I am afraid of…Maybe I'm afraid I can’t pay my bills; I won’t be loved; I can’t help; or I might lose something, or someone, I care about a lot.

Once I figure out what I am fearful of I try to journal my feeling about the truth of what is going to happen. Am I going to be fired? Am I going to be broke? – When I know the truth and my reality, I can make a game plan. This game plan can be very simple to elaborate. I might consult with a debt agency; I might schedule an appointment with a therapist, or I might take a walk and self soothe with words of affirmations.

Fear is a normal feeling- I know when I am afraid just “whistling a happy tune” doesn’t help me- I need to dig deep into my soul and heal myself.

If you want to explore or talk further I am here to listen, feel free to email... I'd love to listen and be supportive, no matter what.


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