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Navigating the white water of school open/close...

Wow, who knew, right? If anyone had told us a year ago that within one year we would be wondering "if" school will "open" we would have thought they were crazy, but here we are.

Whether or not you can "go" to school in person or online, there are somethings that will not change. In order to prepare at home for whatever comes here are some hints:

- Figure out a "class schedule" because regardless of in or out, there will be classes that need to be done and you need to make time to do them at home just in case.

- Make sure there is a "start" and and "end" time and strategic breaks for lunch, "recess" and just stretching your legs.

- Find things that support learning that are out of the box, like historically accurate movies, games that relate to subjects, online blogs or youtube videos that show concepts in fun or unique ways.

-Have your kids make a list of all the things they want to learn and figure out which subjects they align to and let them go to town with their own research and discovery.

-Make life school, I mean really, cooking, budgeting, reading, math, science are all in things we do everyday. Show kids what you do and help them see how they will be better prepared and more ready for life the more they know.

- HAVE FUN, laugh often, make fun of the craziness so that it doesn't overwhelm, and offer plenty of high-fives, hugs and words of encouragement. This too shall pass, and then we can prepare for the next crazy thing.

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