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Where there's smoke... there is family

Our Greenways Academy family was impacted in so many ways by the West Coast fires of 2020, and it continues relentlessly in many places. We have families who have lost all material things as their homes were destroyed. We have families with illnesses who have already had so much to deal with that this feels like a last straw. We have fear and anxiety.

But we also have each other.

As a community, Greenways Academy has reached out to our families to offer support and encouragement for many reasons, and will continue to do so.

We care about the little things like losing the internet because you have to camp out at the fairgrounds or the Walmart parking lot. We care about the big things like trying to get away from the flames that you can actually see. We care about all the parts big, little and in-between, because we care about you.

Reach out if you need us. We are here and paying attention. Life will keep moving, we will keep up with it and we will help you along the ride. Together in spirit! Together we can.

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