3D Printing and Modeling


In 3D Printing & Modeling, students learn how to sculpt, texture, arrange, and render 3D models in preparation for 3D printing.   They learn to use Blender®, a powerful open-source, professional 3D Design software used in a variety of disciplines, including design, animation, visual effects and engineering.  In doing so, students learn the most important concepts for creating within a digital 3D environment, including navigating the XYZ Axes, the importance of low-poly designs, combining and modifying simple shapes to create complex designs, and more.   This is a project-based course where students take on the role of creator.  In addition to technical skills, students develop the creative, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills necessary to build amazing projects from start to finish.  Throughout the course, students work with industry-standard tools used by professionals.  If they need any help along the way with their coursework or projects, students can reach out to experts for support by e-mail, chat, or phone.   By the end of this course, students will have built an original, professional-grade project and developed the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become creators on their own, in further study, or professionally.



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