College & Career Readiness

College & Career Readiness


Character & Leadership Development empowers students to become a difference maker. They will learn what it takes to hone their leadership styles and develop personal qualities that will enhance their ability to grow and sustain healthy relationships. By using critical thinking, good decision making, and hard work, students will begin to find both success and significance.  Leadership is a word that has been around forever, and yet its definition continues to take on new forms because of how rapidly new generations are changing the priorities of society. In this course, students will learn what leadership looks like in a 21st-century world, how new generations are adapting to lasting principles and how to influence others and take on a leadership role in their own community.  The course begins with providing students the opportunity to identify and write out their life vision, mission, and purpose and begin to understand the value of making memories, having adventures, and creating meaningful experiences. Upon completion of this course, students will have a clear understanding of what it takes to have an impact on their family, friends, and peers, as well as a personal action plan of practical steps they can take to reach their goals.  Students enrolled in this course should be given the opportunity to work independently and in small and large group formats. One of the primary goals of each lesson is to build an active dialogue between the student and their peers. This builds a sense of camaraderie and develops a spirit of acceptance and tolerance of their own and other cultures.



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