Computer Applications and Information Technology

Computer Applications and Information Technology


This course is an introductory course with a dual focus: one focus on organizations and another focus on the individuals who work for them. At the individual level, we will examine how business decision making can be improved when supporting technologies like spreadsheets are leveraged. From the organizational perspective, we will cover strategic analysis frameworks and business strategies that can be fine-tuned for competition in an increasingly digitally transformed world.  Humans are inherently limited in how they might approach problem solving because of the cognitive biases we all bring to decision situations. Understanding these biases and how to confront them using the spreadsheet modeling knowledge gained in this class will change the way you face and solve problems. We will cover practical decisions you will deal with in many different personal and professional business settings. You will build models in spreadsheet software that serve to help you analyze problem situations in a completely new light.  You will learn:

  • Leverage a dual focus approach to study information systems from both tactical and organizational viewpoints in order to advance a broad understanding of digital transformation’s impact on people, business processes and organizational strategy
  • Understand the limitations cognitive biases can inflict on individuals
  • Describe industry competition in an age of digital transformation using frameworks
  • Debate how well digitally transforming industry competitors are positioned for sustained advantage
  • Leverage this first course in business to understand the exciting career paths available now

Knowledge of basic Excel functionality will be very helpful in setting you up for success in this course.


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