Environmental Science A / B

Environmental Science A / B


This two semester course is intended to introduce you to the concepts and processes of environmental science.  This course is intended to introduce you to the concepts and processes of environmental science.  In Environmental Science, Semester A, you will learn about the importance of environmental science as an interdisciplinary field. You will describe abiotic and biotic factors of an ecosystem. You will describe the importance of biodiversity for the survival of organisms and the importance of the food chain and the food web in the ecosystem. You will learn about ecological interactions and succession. You will describe the effects of climate change and different types of adaptation. Further, you will describe the steps of the water cycle, and how carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorous cycle in the global environment.  In Environmental Science, Semester B, you will learn about the factors that affect populations. You will describe human population growth and its implications. You will describe the factors that lead to unequal distribution of natural resources on Earth. You will explain waste management. You will describe different forms of pollution, and ways to control pollution. You will describe various nonrenewable and renewable energy sources. Further, you will learn about benefits of environmental policies and identify factors that affect sustainable development.



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