Identity, Service and American Democracy

Identity, Service and American Democracy


Have you ever read the news or overheard a conversation about politics and felt helpless? You are not alone! Many people ask questions like: Does my vote matter? How do federal policies affect me? How can I make a difference? American Democracy is defined by its people participating, voicing their opinion, and making a difference. In this course, you will learn about civic engagement and how people like you shape the world. You will also gain insight into how you can become an active and engaged member of your own community. You will interview public service leaders, investigate local issues, and form the what, why, and how of civic engagement, which you will use to create a civic action portfolio.

You will learn:

  • The basic principles of American Democracy and how they apply today
  • About civic engagement
  • How civic engagement has shaped the United States
  • How citizenship has changed over time through civic engagement
  • How to identify pathways to public service

This course was designed through a unique partnership with Service Year Alliance and Arizona State University. This course is ideal for those looking to identify pathways to civic action, such as corps members working in their year of service, individuals who would like to get more involved in their neighborhoods and cities, or those interested in creating change in their community.