Intro To Today's Technology

Intro To Today's Technology


A dramatic shift is sweeping through our K-12 schools. Elementary students are texting on their cell phones. Middle schoolers are building internet followings on social media platforms. High schoolers are starting online businesses before they even receive a diploma. Arming students with core academics alone will be insufficient for their future. This course provides 21st-century learners with a strong knowledge-base in technology, preparing them to experience and understand technologies of the future.  This course focuses on the emerging technology industries that are taking over today’s global economy--covering topics like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics to social media marketing, cryptocurrency, and app development. Students will gain valuable insights into industries that are hungry for new talent.  In the development of this course, dozens of industry experts were interviewed to discover what is happening in their respective worlds, as well as what is on the horizon. These interviews provide key insights on how to get a job in the industry, how technology is impacting education, and explores some of the emerging technologies of the future.  Throughout this course, students are encouraged to take the time to let their minds wander to the “What if?” and “I bet I could.” By participating in activities and discussions in this course, students will explore how to maintain their digital citizenship responsibly and maintain a healthy balance between the digital world and the real world. Upon completing this course, students will understand the emerging jobs in technology, the major technologies employed today, and how technology will affect their lives in the future.  Students enrolled in this course should be given the opportunity to work independently and in small and large group formats. One of the primary goals of each lesson is to build an active dialogue between the student and their peers. This builds a sense of camaraderie and develops a spirit of acceptance and tolerance of their own and other cultures.



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