Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology


Why Introduction to Sociology - SOC 101 Matters

Sociology is the study of interaction and relationships between individual members of groups within society. It is about the social processes that unfold as individuals interact with one another. You will gain insight into how the specific characteristics of people involved in interactions impact the way that those social processes evolve. The insights you gain will enable you to more successfully navigate your personal and professional relationships.

About Introduction to Sociology - SOC 101

In this online sociology class, you will learn how individuals both shape and are shaped by their communities. You will learn how individuals both actively impact and are shaped by their communities, and you will explore the formation and persistence of societies that consist of diverse groups of people. You will also gain valuable insight into the dynamics of group relationships, including how to effectively interact with others within a group. Finally, you will learn how the study of sociology applies to your daily life as well as the most pressing social events of our time.

The topics you will study include:

  • Society and culture
  • Socialization amongst people
  • Stratification and inequality within society, including gender roles
  • Deviance and social control
  • Social problems and social change
  • Significant social structures in the United States, including the education system, government, and family

You will learn:

  • To significantly improve your ability to communicate in both a professional and personal environment
  • To improve your ability to think critically and write effectively
  • The basic ideas and theories of sociology
  • A deeper empathy for people who are different than you
  • How sociology applies to your everyday life