Language Arts 500

Language Arts 500


Language Arts 500 continues to build on the sequential development and integration of language arts skills in four major areas—reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It most specifically focuses on deepening and furthering students' understanding in the following ways:         • Reading develops students’ comprehension skills. Special attention is placed on reading non-fiction texts. Students identify text features and explain how graphic elements lead to comprehension. Students read procedural texts and learn more about media literacy. Students continue to learn how to read for meaning across many genres such as historical fiction, short stories, and poetry. In all genres, students continue to build comprehension strategies including; the identification of main ideas, supporting details, sequence, and facts and opinions. Students continue to build more advanced reading skills, such as making inferences and drawing conclusions. Students continue to work with words by looking closely at academic language. Students learn how dialects in text contribute to the overall meaning of the text. Students also learn how to analyze and memorize primary sources.  • Writing builds on students' understanding of paragraphing. Following the writing process from brainstorming to final project, students write for a variety of purposes and audiences. Student utilize technology tools such as spell check and multimedia elements to polish and publish writing. Students continue to build grammar skills in support of clear communication. Students work with words by identifying homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms. Students are guided through creating an essential question, planning, organizing, writing, and revising an informational report.  • Speaking skills are built upon in Language Arts 500. Students memorize and recite the powerful Gettysburg Address. Students also learn what good communication is and how to practice this in all areas of their lives. Additionally, students prepare for a classroom discussion. Students participate in, and summarize claims made within the discussion. Students also prepare and give an oral presentation.



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