Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness


Mental Health & Wellness is a course designed to reinforce and empower a student’s overall mental health, especially in times of crisis or trauma. This course is designed to help students cope with difficult situations, self-soothe, and manage conflicting emotions. It seeks to give students the tools they need to keep their mind and well-being safe and sound.  Resiliency is essential for our development as citizens of the modern world. In this course, students upgrade their self-management tool kit. They explore topics from anger management and bullying to dealing with family challenges and the impact of diversity on our society. Throughout the course, students add to this personal toolbox of life skills by exploring the social and emotional skills and strategies that will help them overcome adversity and life obstacles.  Success in life comes from overcoming personal, professional, and social challenges. In this course, students hear stories of success and reconciliation and learn strategies to cope when these kinds of challenges arise.  By participating in this course, students build a framework for citizenship, embrace the value of diversity, and learn how to appropriately use their voice to fight against injustices. Upon completing this course, students will understand the value of resiliency and how to utilize a framework for working through life challenges, enabling them to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.  Students enrolled in this course should be given the opportunity to work independently and in small and large group formats. One of the primary goals of each lesson is to build an active dialogue between the student and their peers. This builds a sense of camaraderie and develops a spirit of acceptance and tolerance of their own and other cultures.



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