Personal Training Career Prep

Personal Training Career Prep


This one-semester course examines the role and responsibilities of a personal trainer. Students will learn the steps to become a personal trainer, including performing fitness assessments, designing safe and effective workouts, and proper nutrition principles. Concepts of communication and motivation will be discussed, as well as exercise modifications and adaptations for special populations. Students will also examine certification requirements, business and marketing procedures, and concerns about liability and ethics. In addition, throughout the course students will be able to explore various exercises, equipment, and tools that can be used for successful personal training.  Unit 1: Intro to Personal Training; Intro to Personal Training, Health Concepts, Professionalism.  Unit 2: Assessing Fitness Levels; Exercise Readiness, Cardio & Strength Assessments, Flexibility & Skills Assessments.  Unit 3: Exercise Programming; Program Design, Implementation, Injury Prevention & Treatment.  Unit 4: Exercise Considerations; Sports Considerations, Special Populations, Programming Considerations & Modifications.  Unit 5: Becoming a Professional; Professional & Legal Responsibilities, Business Development, Certification & Beyond.



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