Social & Emotional Success


Social & Emotional Success is a course is designed to strengthen a student’s social capacity and their emotional intelligence (EQ). Through a study of mindfulness, students develop a strong sense of self, enabling them to develop successful relationships, make healthy decisions, and achieve their goals. On top of developing EQ skills students will be equipped to handle trauma, developing coping skills, understand the consequences of drugs and how to find help when feeling vulnerable and abused.  In this course, students use a systematic approach to apply knowledge, attitudes, and skills to manage their emotions and social connections. By participating in the activities and discussions in this course, students will learn how to empathize with others and create long-lasting relationships. Upon completing this course, students will be empowered with the skills to identify problems, utilize critical thinking to evaluate and reflect on solutions, and engineer their own philosophy towards mindfulness.  By participating in activities and discussions in this course, students build the self and social skills that lead to personal and societal safety. Upon completing this course, students will understand how and what soft skills are needed to find success in life, the importance of mindfulness, how to overcome barriers in their life and the different aspects of trauma, abuse and drugs and how to find help to stay safe and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Students enrolled in this course should be given the opportunity to work independently and in small and large group formats. One of the primary goals of each lesson is to build an active dialogue between the student and their peers. This builds a sense of camaraderie and develops a spirit of acceptance, diversity and tolerance of their own and other cultures.



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