Summer School - American Sign Language (Full Year Course)


This Vocabulary; This section will give you a list of phrases and vocabulary words to study for the activities in the class. You can also download the ASL 1 Vocab Study Sheet for easier studying.
• Conversation Every other Unit begins with a conversation video and outline. This section shows how to use ASL in everyday conversation. 
• Conversation Explained Every unit that has a Conversation section will have a Conversation Explained section. This section explains the conversation in the Conversation section in detail.
• Conversation Practice Every unit that does NOT have a Conversation section has a Conversation Practice section with the same conversation as the one in the Conversation section in the previous Unit. However, this time you will be practicing signing the conversation with a partner or with one of the signers.
• Grammar American Sign Language has a unique grammar structure and you will be learning sign language grammar in this class. In every Unit, there will be sections that discuss (and sometimes demonstrate) ASL grammar.
• Grammar Practice These sections give you a chance to practice the grammar rules identified in the ASL grammar sections. These usually consist of a video with questions.
• Numbers There are several different ways to sign numbers in American Sign Language. Every so often, you will work a number lesson in this section.
• Number Practice After learning sign language numbers in the Numbers lesson, this section will give you the ability to practice what you learned with a video and questions.
• Fingerspelling Practice This will often consist of a video with questions, or a short assignment for you to do on your own.
• Readings You will be given important reading assignments so you can learn about Deaf Culture, Deaf History, and more in-depth ASL grammar. These readings will either be from the website or from The Don’t Just “Sign”… Communicate! Student Guides.
• Vocabulary Quiz After every few units, you will be given a vocabulary quiz on the vocabulary that you should know through this point. You will watch a conversation or monologue and you will need to write down the signs that are numbered.
• Comprehension you will watch videos with questions. This is so you can practice your comprehension and receptive skills.
• Deaf Event Attending Deaf events is a very important part of learning sign language. The lessons are no substitute for actual conversation. You will learn a lot more talking to a Deaf person than you will when learning sign language by yourself. You will be assigned and reminded about attending Deaf events in this section.


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