Summer School - Missouri Social Studies A / B

Summer School - Missouri Social Studies A / B


This is a two-semester course.  Semester A consists of three units.  In the first unit, you’ll explore different forms of government and how these governments protect the rights of individuals. In the second unit, you’ll study basic economic concepts and learn about different economic systems. In the third unit, you’ll discover how geography helps you understand the world. In the fourth unit, you’ll examine population, how geography impacts economic activity, and social institutions. Finally, in the last unit, you’ll explore the relationship between humans and the physical environment.  Semester B  is made of of three units and focuses on cultural studies as well as the development of ancient civilizations in the Middle Ages. In the first unit, you will examine the influence of historical events and culture on contemporary societies. You will also study the impact of cultural diffusion. In the second unit, you’ll study ancient river civilizations in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. In the third unit, you’ll study the development of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. In the last unit, you will explore the development of civilizations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas during the Middle Ages.



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