Summer School Mod Design 1 (Java)

Summer School Mod Design 1 (Java)


In Mod Design 1, students learn the fundamentals of Java™ programming by creating their own Minecraft® Mod for the PC/Mac version of Minecraft®.  For every item, block, or creature they want to add, students will first design and then code their object in Java.   At the end of the course, they will have their own polished Mod that they created from scratch.   This is a project-based course where students take on the role of creator.  In addition to technical skills, students develop the creative, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills necessary to build amazing projects from start to finish.  Throughout the course, students work with industry-standard tools used by professionals.  If they need any help along the way with their coursework or projects, students can reach out to experts for support by e-mail, chat, or phone.   By the end of this course, students will have built an original, professional-grade project and developed the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become creators on their own, in further study, or professionally.



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