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Our team of admissions professionals is ready to help you learn more about how Greenways Academy provides students with the flexibility they need to succeed. Our admissions office is open
Monday – Friday, 8 am-8 pm Eastern Time. Call 314-432-7534 and ask to speak with one of our Admissions Specialists. You may also contact us to learn more about our single course offerings. 

Visit our Online Catalog  or you can download a PDF version.  You can choose the course that best works for you!

For students who need to meet graduation requirements or complete prerequisite courses, we offer a wide range of College Prep, AP, Honors, and World Language courses that can be taken online while still attending their primary school program. Personalized and teacher-guided courses of study are provided, and students can take their classes anywhere there is a reliable internet connection.

Greenways Academy offers full transcripts for completed courses. All our courses are provided in an online platform and use state of the art current curriculum that allows your child to prepare for the next level of school and or college. We are here to support and facilitate any specific needs you have in education.