• Acceptance:  If you plan on taking online courses as par of your current program, you’ll need to verify that your current school will accept the credits.  You should also check to see that your Government views in our program as valid.  Some governments will limit student access to foreign platforms.  These limitations can leave students with a tuition bill, but no degree.

  • Time Difference:  You may be taking a course from a school on the other side of the world, so working in a group may be an issue.  Before you enroll, decide whether you’ll be able to keep up with class discussions and projects that that take place when you might otherwise be sleeping.

  • Language Barrier:  If the course isn’t offered in your native language, will you be able to make the most of it?  Make certain you can communicate with the instructor and your classmates.

  • Cultural Barriers:  Open discussions and video chats can be a great way to connect online learners.  If you aren’t well versed in a country’s culture, it can be hard to connect.  Immerse yourself in a local cultural group or look for online videos to help you understand subtle references.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense to you.


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