Greenways Academy Online School Allows for Flexible Learning

An online academic education provides a flexible learning approach that allows students to learn on their own schedule. By choosing to attend school online, students gain round-the-clock access to course material. Unrestricted access to course resources enables students to study at their own pace, in environments free of the distractions that might be present in a traditional educational setting. Greenways Academy affords students the freedom to complete their course material as quickly as they would like to ensure their academic success. Students work at their own pace. An online education allows all students whether they are just not jiving with the traditional school model or have outside interests that would not be possible without an online school option. Greenways tailors each course according to learning styles, personal and family schedule, outside events, etc., An online education will let you be free to live out your dreams. 

Students in Online Schools Can Personalize Their Education

Whether you are taking one class or enrolling with us full-time all students are provided an academic plan that will meet every learning goal for the students and families. Our personalized education approach allows the student to learn at their level and at their own pace. All our students will recognize the importance of improvement through collaboration and assessment. Increased engagement will improve performance and mastery of subjects and course materials. Our instructors provide authentic feedback for assignments which keep the students interest which will help guide each student through the learning process. 

Succeeding in a Virtual Environment

Having a flexible schedule for online school that meets the needs of the students and families is always important, however, a lack of discipline can cause the student to fall behind schedule and get off pace. It is essential to incorporate schedules, calendars, planners, etc., and build a schedule that meets your family’s needs to ensure accountability, discipline to stay on track and stay on time for projects, tests, and other assignments. The course load is flexible; however, it does have some similarities to a traditional style school but without the restricted schedule day to day- Therefore it is very important to ensure that a schedule is developed for your well-being as a student. Adjusting and managing time wisely to remain on pace, will maximize online learning success. 

Greenways is an Accredited Online School

Enrolling in Greenways Academy is a wise choice for any student who is interested in the benefits of distance learning without having to sacrifice academic rigor. Greenways Academy is an accredited online school, meaning its curriculum meets standards of excellence and academic rigor. As a result of being accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Cognia (formerly known as AdvancED), transcripts from Greenways Academy are officially recognized by colleges and universities globally. This recognition provides peace of mind for students and their families that they are receiving a high-quality private school experience.

Strength of a Greenways Academy Online Curriculum 

Greenways Academy delivers high-quality curriculum that prepares students for the next steps in their respective academic journeys. Our online program provides a tailored curriculum to all our students. Our leadership team continuously reviews the curriculum to ensure that it is current and providing accurate rigor to ensure academic success. The curricula is intended as pathways to help students discover courses that both align with their interests and fulfill all graduation requirements.

Online Schooling is a Well-Rounded Approach to Learning

Online schooling is a comprehensive alternative to the traditional school setting. Greenways Academy fosters education for all students who need an alternative approach. Greenways tailors each program to the students' needs. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family are successful and comfortable with the online school approach. We want to ensure that all your interests are a priority- that's why our schedules are so flexible that it will allow you to enjoy your extra-curricular activities while maintaining academic excellence. 


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