• Families are assigned an Admissions Specialist to guide you through the enrollment process.

  • The Admissions Specialist speaks with the family to understand the student’s needs, gather pertinent information and data from the parent and student, and review information about our diverse course offerings.

  • Our Admissions Specialists identifies courses and/or grade-level programs that would potentially meet the students’ needs.

  • Students may be required to complete additional assessments that are needed for proper course and grade-level placement.

  • After reviewing the students’ official or unofficial records from their previous school(s) and any 3rd party assessments (If applicable), the academic team member will create an individualized academic plan for the prospective full-time student.

  • Once the application, enrollment paperwork, have been received, a welcome letter is sent to the family. Teachers are then assigned, and the student is granted access to our learning management system (LMS).

  • Once enrolled, you will receive an email with the login information, and our student support team will help your students gets up and running in the online course.