Written Student Learning Plan

The Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP), one of the basic requirements of enrollment in an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program in Washington State, guides student learning and details the learning goals and performance objectives within each subject area of study. As part of the enrollment process, the parent or guardian will work with the school to develop a WSLP personalized to each student. Once the initial learning plan is created by the school and instructional resources are ordered, no changes may be made until the parent and teacher have further discussed the student’s needs. The WSLP may then be revised throughout the year (until March 30th) to accommodate a student’s particular academic needs; however, curriculum and course changes should be minimized. After March 30th, no new courses may be added, and no additional instructional resources will be provided.

The WSLP typically includes core subjects which consist of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education/Fine Arts, and World Language for grades 6-12. A full-time student would take five or six courses during the school year. A part-time student would take between one and four courses during the school year.

The estimated time that students will spend on a course is defined in the course catalog. The average estimated weekly hours to complete all courses on the WSLP is based on the number of course-hours divided by the number of available enrollment weeks.

The following minimum weekly hours for a full-time student are defined in WAC 392-121-122:

  1. The minimum hours for all grades are 27 hours and 45 minutes each week (1,665 weekly minutes), or 5 hours and 33 minutes (333 minutes) for each scheduled school day.

To view learning plans:

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