• Virtual Open Houses

  • Establishing Point of Contact

  • Online Learning Enviornment

  • Greenways Family Community

  • Getting Involved

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    Greenways Academy Hosts Virtual Open Houses

    Each teacher is proud to be an academic resource for parents. An open dialogue between parents and educators will help parents to understand what is being covered in their child’s course, so they may help facilitate learning activities even outside of dedicated online school time.

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    We understand that every individual learns differently and our priority is to ensure that each learning style is met. Academic Counselors and other points of contact throughout the online school are available to parents. Our communication together will establish an understanding of your child’s learning needs to ensure that each academic plan will properly support the child’s educational journey.

    All teachers and staff will be accountable academic resources for parents. We provide monthly progress reports which will allow you to monitor your child’s progress and keep up with current grades and areas of need for improvement.

  • Online Classes

    Creating an Environment Conducive to Online Learning

    Left of their own volition, many children would lack the discipline necessary to thrive in an online learning environment. For that reason, we believe it is critical for parents to help establish a routine for your child.

    Successful Learning Environment

    A successful learning environment is likely to include a regular sleep schedule and dedicated time for learning each day. Parents should discuss with their child how he or she is most comfortable learning and create a setting or workspace that will help establish sound work habits. A dedicated learning space should be quiet and monitored. In instances where a student prefers to change settings to refocus attention, the learning space may be mobile. Learning spaces should be well-organized and include all essential materials to avoid disruptions. Remember that learning can be fun, so keeping the child engaged and excited about education is key!

  • Group

    Connecting with other Greenways Families

    We encourage you to join our Greenways Family community to connect with other families learning at Greenways Academy. You can do this by liking our Facebook page, joining our Parent Talk-Back Nights, and participating in other events. We will also provide you with additional social moments where you can connect and share best practices with other parents and foster development in your child’s social circle.

  • Talking

    Encourage Students to get Involved with Their Peers

    Creating a healthy foundation is an essential element to any educational atmosphere. Parents should encourage their children to get involved in Greenways House Meetings, and other social events available during the week with Greenways Academy. We also encourage parents to help encourage outdoor activities and exercise to help promote personal growth and social awareness.