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We have been delighted with the services and support provided by Greenways and plan to use it as our primary curriculum moving forward. The accommodations I would have to request from most schools for my son’s unique needs are built into the platform. The teachers are highly responsive to questions, requests for extra practice, or even resetting quizzes or assignments.

- Courtney, Greenways Parent 2023


Hi Chrissy, Patti!

Just wanted to share great news with you! Tim got admitted to Princeton!

Thank you so much for all your help sending the transcripts out and thank you to Greenways for giving Tim this opportunity to receive school credits for the online courses that his school didn’t have. That was an excellent choice for us!

Million thanks!

- Mom


To Whom It May Concern:

Greenways Academy is a wonderful online private school that has gone far and beyond to support our needs. As a family, we were looking for a stable school in which our children would receive an uninterrupted education during the pandemic, and I am truly lucky we found this school for our pt and 9th graders. Greenways Academy has strongly supported our educations goals for our children. Furthermore, this school provides the needed flexibility in learning. Our children can work at any time on their schoolwork which is invaluable to our family given the typical school hours may not always work for us. My children have learned tremendously while at Greenways Academy. Greenways Academy curriculum has helped my children develop skills that will carry them far in their endeavors. The teachers at Greenway Academy are supportive and always available. The teachers are compassionate and give pointers on how to succeed in online school. This is crucial given my children had to adjust to online school.

Also, the administrative/supportive staff are always helpful. They respond quickly to any concerns or questions parents may have. They also offer support to parents to the online school process. Furthermore, as a parent I have access to my children’s progress and can contact teachers as well as administrative supportive staff at any time.

I highly recommend Greenways Academy as a private online school given the great things this school has done for my family.

- Aprile, Mother


Greenways Academy has not just been a game changer, but a true blessing. From the moment we walked in the door my daughter has been nothing but confident, happy, excited and eager to learn. Her tutor, along with Patti (the owner and director) have the most incredible approach with their students. Treating each and every one of them with utmost respect and kindness. They are compassionate, honest and patient, paired with an amazing proactive approach to make sure that each student succeeds!

We came from a well-known private school, and Greenways Academy has gone above and beyond our previous experience and exceeded our expectations. They are a first class, five-star Academy, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative.

- Kelly S, Mother


…Greenways Academy has a threefold approach to learning; auditory, kinesthetic as well as visual. This will help many students find success where there has been little…. This is an alternative that is great for parents who feel they are losing their kid to the traditional brick and mortar school. I know my child learns differently and that requires an out of the box approach, something Greenways Academy offers. As far as I know there is not another school like it around!

- Dr. S., Child Psychiatrist


There would be no way my son would finish high school on time without Greenways Academy and their support, I can’t thank them enough.

- Lynn, Mother


Greenways has allowed for normalcy in our lives. My son has been able to go to school without the stress and ridicule.

- Chris M, Mother


Words can’t express how much we appreciate all of your time helping our son finish his diploma. He hasn’t had many successes over the last two years, and now he can say he has finished his high school education, thanks to you.

- Jennifer J. Mother


PS – My daughter is absolutely loving Greenways. After school today she was raving about her teacher, said that Greenways has been a lifesaver, and that her anxiety has dissolved away.

She’s downstairs right now singing at the top of her lungs. Thanks to you and your team!!!

- Desiree W, Mother


Our son was not thriving academically in the Public School system, so we researched alternative school options for him. As luck would have it, we found Greenways Academy and it couldn’t be a better fit! He entered Greenways as a sophomore and recently graduated! The faculty was available whenever needed and there were many interesting class options for him to choose from.

Shortly after becoming a student at Greenway’s, he came to me and thanked me for listening to him and allowing him to take this unconventional approach to School.

This is what I learned: Public School isn’t for everyone. Our son thrived and learned more online with Greenway’s than he ever would have at Public School. It is my belief that if you are an average student in the public school system, you can easily fall through the cracks. While our son attended Greenways online High School, he also worked a part time job landscaping and has been part of an amazing work team. He just turned 18 and he opened an IRA with his earnings! Thanks to Greenway’s Academy, our son is happier and well educated!

- June N., Mother