Greenways High School Career Ready Academy

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Greenways High School Career Ready Academy

Greenways High School Career Ready Academy allows students to gain cutting edge workplace skills and prepare for high demand industries while completing their high school graduation requirements. Students will gain the key employability skills employers are seeking, while preparing for jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree. Students can continue on to college for additional education training and potential increase in salary options, but these career tracks offer students high-paying jobs right upon high school graduation.


Industry Certifications

Industry Certifications

Greenways High School Career Ready Academy enables students, through the sequenced courseware, to prepare for industry-recognized certifications, and in some career tracks help students attain a certification in the first year of the program.

Industry certifications show mastery of or competency in specific knowledge, skills, or processes measured against a set of accepted standards. These certifications can often be more valued by businesses than additional educational training. Greenways Academy Career Pathway Program provides one free voucher to take a certification that is aligned with one of the eight career tracks offered.

Greenways Academy Career Pathways


High Demand Industries

Businesses today are suffering from a skills gap and are unable to find candidates to fill millions of jobs that are currently available. Employers are currently looking for candidates who possess employability and soft skills required to be effective in the workplace. They seek employees with a level of professionalism, effective communication, decision-making skills, self-awareness, and the ability to work with a team. Employers feel that some students from the Gen Z generation often lack the skills they require.

The eight career tracks align to industries with high needs and can be completed in an online environment. They equip students with employability skills and the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for industry-recognized certifications and meet job requirements in sectors that businesses so desperately need to fill.


Business Woman

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Career Pathways that offer employment post high school graduation

Many careers today no longer require a 2 or 4 year college degree. In fact, it is estimated that 30% of the 55 million job openings in 2020 did not require a 4-year university degree. And according to the New York Federal Reserve Bank, 38.6% of members of this generation say they are not using their degrees. Tuition costs of colleges and universities have been steadily increasing, and if teens wait until college to figure out their career interests and what the career requires in the way of education and/or training, they could select the wrong career field, only costing you or your students more time and money.

Aligning Passion to Purpose

Greenways Academy Career Pathway Program will not only give students a chance to learn about a specific career field, but will enable them to see if it is a right fit and aligns to their interests and skills. Oftentimes college is when students figure out how they want to spend their time in the working world after graduation. But is college really the ideal time for a career exploration?

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Online Learning

Workplace Readiness & Virtual Internship Experiences

Students from the Gen Z generation are seeking opportunities for real-world learning and more experiential learning experiences. And due to the pandemic, location, opportunities, and other business policies, it can be challenging to find internship placements. With our workplace readiness course and/or our Virtual Internship programs, students will gain real work-based skills that will give them the confidence to step into the workforce and find success.

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