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  • At Greenways, we are redefining the future of online learning by combining the best of traditional schooling with the flexibility and personalization that modern education demands. Our approach is driven by a commitment to empower students with the tools they need to succeed academically, socially, and personally. Our school program encompasses a wide range of benefits, including:

    • Tailored Learning Plans
    • Dedicated Academic Coaching
    • Exciting Virtual Field Trips
    • Comprehensive College Assistance Services
    • Individualized Teacher-Student Connections
    • Real-time School Events and Engaging Clubs
    • Plus, a host of additional offerings!

    Discover how our unique approach to education ensures a well-rounded and enriching experience for every student.

  • Welcome to Greenways Academy’s comprehensive course catalog, where educational excellence meets limitless possibilities. At Greenways, we are committed to providing K-12 students and parents in the state of California with a dynamic and enriching learning experience. Our diverse range of courses, from core subjects to exciting electives, empowers students to explore, discover, and achieve their full potential. With our California A-G approved curriculum and innovative approach to online education, you can trust that your child’s educational journey will be both inspiring and tailored to their unique needs. Explore our catalog to find the perfect courses that will set your child on the path to success today and in the future.

    English: Our English courses provide a strong foundation in language arts, fostering critical thinking, communication skills, and a love for literature.

    Math: Master the world of numbers and problem-solving with our math curriculum, building essential skills for academic success and real-life applications.

    World Languages: Explore the richness of global cultures through our language programs, where you can learn to speak and understand languages from around the world.

    Cool Electives: Elevate your education with our selection of elective courses, offering unique and engaging learning opportunities that go beyond the standard curriculum.

    Explore our entire catalog of over 250 courses.

  • Our most popular courses showcase the educational gems that have captured the hearts and minds of our students and families in California. These courses have consistently earned high praise for their engaging content, exceptional instructors, and the valuable skills and knowledge they impart. From mastering foreign languages to diving into the world of marine science or honing mathematical prowess, our most sought-after courses open doors to exciting learning adventures. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the courses that have made Greenways Academy a trusted name in online education. Discover the magic of learning, one course at a time!

    Dutch: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Dutch language and culture, as you learn to speak, read, and write in one of Europe’s most fascinating languages.

    Pre-Calculus: Prepare for advanced mathematical challenges with our Pre-Calculus course, laying a strong foundation for future success in calculus and beyond.

    Sign Language: Unlock the world of communication through American Sign Language, fostering inclusivity and enabling you to connect with the Deaf community.

    French: Embark on a journey to the romantic streets of France with our French course, where you’ll master the language of love and broaden your global perspective.

    Marine Science: Dive into the mysteries of the ocean with our Marine Science course, exploring marine ecosystems, biodiversity, and the importance of preserving our aquatic world.

  • We strive to provide all our students a seamless and effective online learning environment. Meeting the following technology requirements is essential to ensure you have the best experience. Please review these guidelines to guarantee that you have the necessary tools and connectivity for a successful academic journey with us.

    Supported Devices: Greenways Academy courses are compatible with standard laptop or desktop computers running Windows or Mac OS. Additionally, Chromebooks and iPads are fully supported for a seamless learning experience.

    Not Recommended for Mobile: While our courses can be accessed on smartphones and other mobile devices, we do not recommend using them due to potential limitations in screen size and functionality.

    Browser Compatibility: For optimal performance, we highly recommend using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers when accessing our courseware.

    Internet Connection: To ensure a smooth learning experience, a high-speed internet connection (Cable or DSL) is strongly recommended.

    Wi-Fi Considerations: Please note that the use of hotspots and other Wi-Fi availability may not be supported or provide the necessary speed for an optimal learning experience.

    World Language Courses: For World Language courses, students will require speakers and a microphone, or a headset with a built-in microphone for effective language learning.

    Additional Software: Depending on the specific course, there may be a need for additional software, which will be communicated in course-specific requirements.