Greenways Now Available to
Arkansas  Students…

Greenways is an approved provider for the Arkansas Public School Resource Center.  To find a class that is right for you, go to .  Once there, search for Greenways Academy under the Provider pull-down. 
To enroll, please contact the       Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC)
                                                         (501) 492-4300

Greenways originated  with the realization that not all students could thrive and be successful inside traditional schools; the school was founded to provide a place where a student with special needs or circumstances could get a high school diploma from a nationally accredited online high school.  We offer flexibility, student-driven pacing and a classroom of one. We work with all students including those with IEPs and 504s. Our program is for students in grades 3-12.


We offer core subjects, foreign languages, fine arts, health, career focused electives as well as general electives. With one-on-one teaching for every course, we get to know our students and utilize the strengths of their personalities and learning styles to ensure their success. 


P: (314) 432-7534

F: (314) 228-0245

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