Greenways Now Available to Arkansas  Studens

Greenways is an approved provider for the Arkansas Public School Resource Center eResources Digital Learning program.  In order for a student to enroll, the local, public school district must be a member of the program.


To find a class that is right for you, go to
Select Greenways Academy as the Provider.  


                   To enroll, please download the enrollment form, complete and return to:
                   Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC)
                   Brenda Gattis (
                   Phone: (479) 633-7056
                   Fax: (479) 633-7173


Greenways Academy grew from the realization that not all students could thrive and be successful inside traditional schools. The school was founded to provide a place where a student with special needs or circumstances could get their high school diploma from a nationally accredited online high school. We offer flexibility, student-driven pacing and a classroom of one. We work with all students including those with IEPs and 504s.
Our program is for students in grades 3-12.


We offer core subjects, foreign languages, fine arts, health, career focused electives as well as general electives. With one-on-one teaching for every course, we get to know our students and utilize the strengths of their interests, personalities and learning styles to ensure their success. 


981 Gardenview Office Pkwy
St. Louis, Missouri 63141 

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