Q - How much time should I devote to my online class?

  • To ensure your success, it is important to work on your online course daily. You should plan to spend at least 1 to 2 hours per day on your course for successful completion. The syllabus for your course contains a recommended pacing guide. We highly recommend that you print off the guide and put in dates so that you complete on time.

Q – I'm concerned about privacy.  What is your Privacy Policy?

  • We take student privacy very seriously.  Here are the                         policies which we follow.  

Q – Are the classes really Tuition Free?

  • Yes and no.  Some states have statutes that permit students to enroll in online classes through  a public-school district.  Currently the states in which Greenways Academy is participating in this program are Arkansas, Michigan, Oregon and Washington.  We are also a provider for MOCAP in Missouri.

Q – How do I enroll?

  • For students participating in the tuition free classes, contact the representative at your school who coordinates with Greenways.  They will handle the enrollment.  For students in Arkansas, contact the representative at your school.  Here are the instructions for enrolling in Arkansas.

  • For all other students, select your class or classes from the Catalog section of our website, check out in the shopping cart and follow the link to the online enrollment form.  After that, our elves will process the enrollment and email a welcome packet with your login information.

  • Q – How much do classes cost?

  • One semester classes cost $395; two-semester or full-year classes cost $515.

  • Honors and AP classes cost $420 (1-semester); $570 (full-year).

  • For International classes, email germaine@greenwaysacademy.com for pricing.

  •  Summer school costs $275 per student for a one-semester class.  Full-year classes cost $450.  Summer school classes are not part of the tuition free program.

Q – As a parent, how can I monitor my child’s progress?

  • For students enrolled in Edmentum curriculum, parents are provided with a login to Edmentum Sensei that will enable you to view their progress.

Q – Do you have an enrollment Deadline?

  •  We have a rolling enrollment.  

  •  Students can enroll anytime and work on their classes at any  time………………. except.

    •  Summer school begins on May 15th and classes must be complete by August 31.  A student may enroll any time during that period, the end date is firm.

    • Students who participate in the tuition free programs are subject to the calendar of our partner school district.  

      • The Washington 2021-2022 school year starts on August 31, and ends on June 10.    

      • The Oregon 2021-2022 school year starts on August 23 and ends on June 16.

      • The Michigan 2021-2022 school year starts on August 30 and ends on June 8.

      • Enrollment can happen at any time; however, classes must be completed by the end of the school year for the district.  Michigan has firm enrollment deadlines and drop dates. 

Q – Are there specific hours when students are required to work?

  • Our program is asynchronous.  Students can work at any time.

  • Q – How do the students and teachers communicate?

  • Teachers and students communicate via email.  

Q - How does Greenways Academy adjust their courses for each students needs?

  • With One-on-one teaching, Greenways Academy Teachers are able to accommodate each student's unique learning style.  Courses can be modified as required for students with an IEP or 504 Plan. 

Q - Can I earn a diploma from Greenways Academy?​

  • Yes you can!

Q - What are the graduation requirements?​

Q - Is a Greenways Academy diploma the same as other high schools?

  • Yes.  Our AdvancEd and WASC accreditations are recognized by colleges and universities worldwide.

Q - Can a student take courses at Greenways Academy while enrolled in another school at the same
        time?  ​

  • Yes, as an accredited school, Greenways credits can be transferred to other high schools.  We offer full-time, part-time or course-by-course enrollment.  Credits can be used toward graduation at another high school should be reviewed and approved by that school prior to enrolling in Greenways Academy.

Q - How many hours of tutoring does a full time student usually need?

  • Generally, we find our full-time students who come to the St. Louis study center are working with tutors between 8 and 15 hours per week.  Since each student is different, the amount of tutoring needed to complete the work will vary.  Adjustments to tutoring schedules can be made at any time.

Q – Are there specific hardware requirements for the online class?

  • The list is the Technical Requirements document.

  • Students enrolled in Rosetta Stone World Language classes will need a USB headset.