Greenways Features & Benefits

Family Communications


Students and parents are invited to meet with any of the team in multiple venues (study hall, math lab, principal meetings, etc.). Parents and students receive weekly progress updates based 

exclusively on academics and regular contact if communication is at Issue.


Differentiated Instruction


We have designed classes to meet the differentiated needs of students to facilitate success. Students in need of interventions are often given the same Home Room teacher in all core areas to allow us to monitor the student in all areas and provide feedback, encouragement and support multiple times a week.


Attendance Reporting


Aside from the requirements of 

communication as an indicator of 

attendance for reporting purposes, contact with the school on a regular basis is the number one way we can connect to remind and encourage students to complete work. Some states have attendance and communication requirements. Some states expect daily attendance.





House meetings kick-off the day with lessons taught live in the areas of life/home skills, money matters, SEL, and college and career readiness. Our intervention team members do a "jump start" with students who attend the house meetings to check-in individually with students.


Study Hall and

Office Hours


Study Hall (is an open virtual classroom) with an educator on hand to answer immediate questions and facilitate learning

and provides a place where students can (in-person) ask quick questions of an adult, or simply work together online.


Parent & Principal Connection


Aside from the requirements of student communication, we believe parents need a place to go to build community and create relationships. We allow families that space to nurture their curiosity of their fellow families as well as learn new skills to enhance online learning.

Academic Success


Our Intervention Team monitors information related to attendance / communication, progress, and academic success. Parent contact, phone calls, meetings with the staff, etc. are all strategies utilized to prompt students to get on-track and remain successful. 


At the K-8 level, pacing and grades are the best indicators for future completion of classes and moving successfully through the grade levels. At the high school level, we add the component of earning credits.


Educate. Motivate. Graduate!