We Partner with a Hayutin & Associates in Los Angeles and Offer:

  • High School (full-time, part-time and single classes)

  • Middle School (full-time, part-time and single classes)

  • Summer School (on a flexible schedule so you don’t lose vacation or camp)

  • Credit Recovery (recover a class, or retake to help your GPA)

  • Transcript Enhancement (add a class)

  • 1:1 Teacher to Student Ratio with online access to your courses.

  • An Online-Only School Option – (curriculum with email access to state-certified teachers)

  • Partnerships with Homeschool Parents (Take advantage of our classes and accreditation!)

  • Diplomas from our nationally recognized and accredited High School.


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Tutor helping student with online class

Check Out Our Cal Courses Below

We work with students who struggle in traditional schools due to:

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Medical, Psychological & Addiction Diagnoses

  • Bullying & Toxic Social Environments

  • Athletic, Artistic and Special Interests Training & Travel

  • Unique Learning styles, Giftedness, Being Twice Exceptional & Many other scheduling and educational challenges.