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Free for Oregon Students - Online School &
Career Academy

The Colton Web Academy (CWA) has partnered with Greenways to provide an online schooling option as an alternative to traditional public education. They provide both Part Time and Full Time opportunities for K-12 students around the state. We use top notch online curriculum. Our  K-5 courses are aligned with  Oregon state standards . CWA is able to provide individualized educational services for  students who may be struggling or accelerated. We have career pathways, passion projects, and virtual internships.

          K-8 Students                                                High School Students

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Complete the enrollment packet and return it to or text 314-680-7500.Please look at our Course Catalog. You can also demo some of our Classes. If you'd like a little more information before you decide, please fill out our contact form and an enrollment specialist will call you very soon. 

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What grade will your student be in for the upcoming 2022-23 school year?

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