Accounting A / B

The Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies accounting as one of the best careers for job growth in the next decade. This two-semester course empowers high school students with the essential skills they need to understand accounting basics. Goals in Semester A include:  Apply fundamental accounting and bookkeeping concepts to evaluate businesses. Explain the fundamental accounting cycle. Apply accounting principles to prepare books of accounts. Prepare financial statements for businesses. Identify various career options in accounting. Explain the key government regulations and important internal controls in accounting.  Goals in Semester B include:  Identify accounting functions for different types of business ownership. Analyze financial statements to determine a firm’s financial condition. Explain specialized accounting procedures to track cash flow. Describe payroll concepts and procedures to calculate payroll earnings. Describe tax accounting functions for different types of firms. Identify interpersonal and professional skills required for a successful accounting career. Describe the use of information technology in accounting.



Semester options