Advanced Physical Education 1 & 2

This course guides students through an in-depth examination of the effects of exercise on the body. Students learn how to exercise efficiently and properly, while participating in physical activities and applying principles they’ve learned. Basic anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and sports nutrition are all integral parts of this course. Throughout this course students participate in a weekly fitness program involving elements of cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Semester 1:

Unit 1: Exercise Science; Fitness Assessment & Goals, Exercise Programming.

Unit 2: Basics of Physical Fitness; Safety, Components of Physical Fitness.

Unit 3: Body Systems; , Terminology, Respiratory System, Skeletal System.

Unit 4: Cardiovascular System; Cardiovascular System, The Heart.

Unit 5: Muscular System; Muscular System, Muscle Physiology.

Unit 6: Nutrition; Digestive System, Energy Nutrients, Energy Systems.

Unit 7: Post Assessment; Post Assessment.

Semester 2:

Unit 1: Physical Fitness; Fitness Assessment & Goals, Physical Activity, Muscular Fitness.

Unit 2: Biomechanics & Safety; Biomechanics, Exercise Safety, Injury Treatment.

Unit 3: Nutrition; Weight Management, Sport Nutrition.

Unit 4: Exercise Programming Considerations; Exercise Programming Considerations, Special Populations, Gender Considerations.

Unit 5: Exercise Psychology; Stages of Change, Health Interventions, Motivation.

Unit 6: Post Assessment; Post Assessment.



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