American Sign Language 2 A/B

The predominant sign language of Deaf communities in the United States, American Sign Language, is complex and robust, consisting of signs made with the hands, facial expressions, and body postures.  American Sign Language 2a: Communicating:  Building upon the prior prerequisite course, emphasis in this course is placed upon comprehension and signing.  Learners will also continue to establish their communication skills and foster their understanding of deaf culture.  In addition to learning classifiers, glossing, and mouth morphemes, students will explore vocabulary for descriptions, directions, shopping, making purchases, and dealing with emergencies.   American Sign Language 2b: Advancing Communication Skills:  Building upon the prior prerequisite course, students will increase their proficiency by learning about sequencing, transitions, role-shifts, and future tenses.  Students will learn how to tell a story and ask questions, benefiting with greater exposure to deaf culture.  Speed, conversations, signing skills, and cultural awareness are characteristic of this course.



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