American Sign Language 3 A/B

American Sign Language 3a – Community & Culture: As you dive into more advanced ASL signing, inlcuing unique grammar features and advanced classifiers and locatives, you’ll lern, compose, and present your new-found vocabulary and narrtives by immersing yourself in Deaf culture and community.  From opinions, slang, and idioms, to using technology and media that offers authentic Deaf perspectives.  Explore how travel, cultural differences, and geography affect sign language.  And gain a better understanding of Deaf culture by learning important events and examining topics such as education, science, and literature.  American Sign Language 3b – Conversations & Culture: Are you ready to discover ways in which Deaf culture influences the world in general?  After all, the concept of culture goes far beyond an understanding of Deaf history.  Through discussing Deaf culture and experiences, you’ll advance your signing skills by developing verb tenses, grammar, and syntax.  Apply your language skills in real conversations activities and through opportunities to debate real issues.  It’s also time to explore the next steps in education and career opportunities for your new intermediate ASL skills.



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