AP English Literature and Composition A / B

This two-semester online course is designed to teach learners to become skilled readers and writers through the study, analysis, and evaluation of literature. The course will teach learners how to perform close readings of literature, as well as develop and strengthen their writing skills. Advanced English Literature & Composition follows the curricular requirements described in the AP English Course Description.

Each unit of the course will address some aspect of writing and will provide representative samples of literary works. In some units, the learner will engage in greater in-depth analysis of a literary work, as the focus of the Advanced English Literature & Composition course is to provide both breadth and depth of coverage in the readings. Learners will deepen their understanding of the ways authors use language to bring meaning and entertainment to their readers. Learners will also consider the structure of a work as well as its themes and literary devices. Readings in this course will be active and extensive.

The types of writing in the course are varied and include writing arguments, analysis, interpretations, evaluations, and even college application essays/letters. Writing is an essential part of this course, and the writing instruction will include elements of style as well as elements of precision and correctness. The writing students do in this course will reinforce and support the learner’s reading.



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