Biotechnician 2a: Moving Into the Lab/2b: The Future Of Biotechnology

Semester A – Moving Into the Lab: Are you ready to have an authentic, positive impact on human life?

In this course, you will dive deeper into the role of a biological technician to understand how genetic engineering works. You will explore managing a biotech laboratory, Microscopy and Spectroscopy, mammalian cell culture, what the day-to-day duties of a biotechnician involve, and more. You will also explore experimental design as it relates to genetic engineering to plan your own experiments. Get ready to break down the building blocks of the human design!

Semester B – The Future Of Biotechnology: You’ve examined the DNA of the biotechnology field, and now have a solid understanding of the day-to-day duties. In this course, you will build on the basics and learn how a career as a biotechnician could change the world! You will explore genetics- diseases, therapies, and testing, AI and precision medicine, CRISPR and agricultural sciences, and much more. You will also explore job opportunities in the field of biotechnology and tips for planning a career. Get ready to engineer your understanding of biotechnology.



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